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  1. Ethical and societal considerations important in decisions about donor blood screening

    Decisions about donor blood screening do not only depend on formal, quantifiable criteria, but also on ethical and societal ...

    News item | 15-09-2022 | 09:00

  2. Take sustainability into account in healthcare decision-making

    In order to reduce the environmental impact of medical devices used in healthcare, sustainability must be taken into account in ...

    News item | 13-09-2022 | 11:00

  3. Minor adjustments to the National Immunisation Programme

    The Health Council recommends that all of the vaccines in the National Immunisation Programme (RVP) be retained, but that ...

    News item | 07-09-2022 | 09:00

  4. Two doses of HPV vaccine for all age groups

    The Health Council advises that two doses of vaccine be given to all age groups when vaccinating against the human papillomavirus ...

    News item | 30-08-2022 | 14:30

  5. The Health Council of the Netherlands revises dietary reference values for energy

    The Health Council of the Netherlands has revised the dietary reference values for energy. The average energy requirement derived ...

    News item | 16-08-2022 | 09:00

  6. Anchoring health more firmly in environmental policy

    There is a risk of health falling by the wayside due to the focus on other goals, such as switching to renewable energy sources, ...

    News item | 13-07-2022 | 09:00

  7. No general skin cancer screening programme to be introduced

    The Health Council of the Netherlands has advised against the introduction of a national screening programme for skin cancer and ...

    News item | 05-07-2022 | 11:00

  8. Additional argument in support of precautionary policy for overhead power lines

    According to the Health Council of the Netherlands, recent scientific studies have provided an additional argument for the ...

    News item | 29-06-2022 | 09:00

  9. Earlier recognition and treatment of eating disorders

    It is important that eating disorders are recognised sooner and treated more quickly. That improves the chances of recovery. A ...

    News item | 28-06-2022 | 06:00

  10. Application framework for revaccination against COVID-19

    The Health Council of the Netherlands has created a framework that can be used to assess which target groups are eligible for ...

    News item | 25-03-2022 | 12:00