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Vaccination of girls and boys against HPV

Infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) can lead to cervical cancer. It is now also known to be involved in other forms of ...

News item | 19-06-2019 | 06:00

More clarity is needed about surrogate decision makers for incompetent patients

More clarity and information is needed about good representation. people are sometimes unable to effectively represent their own ...

News item | 21-05-2019 | 11:44

Emission during coal gasification

Substances that can be present in the emission, which is formed during coal gasification, may cause cancer. This is a risk for ...

News item | 20-05-2019 | 10:00

Review of fitness-to-drive requirements relating to the use of medicines

Individuals who have been using Category III antidepressants for some time can be declared fit to drive based on a declaration ...

News item | 15-05-2019 | 10:02

Retain data on medical implants for 115 years

It is important that wearers of medical implants are traceable in case of faults or unforeseen side effects. The Health Council ...

News item | 14-05-2019 | 10:02

Advisory value for bisphenol A

Occupational exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) can be hazardous to eyes, skin and reproduction. Based on the available evidence, the ...

News item | 26-03-2019 | 09:45

Recommendation on exposure limit cadmium

Cadmium and inorganic cadmium compounds are hazardous to human health. The S cientific Committee on Occupational Exposure Limits ...

News item | 20-03-2019 | 09:22

Recommendation for an occupational exposure level for diesel engine exhaust

Occupational exposure to diesel engine exhaust can cause lung cancer. The Health Council estimated so called health-based ...

News item | 13-03-2019 | 09:52

Guidelines are required for treatment with platelet-rich plasma

Especially in cosmetic and sports medicine platelet-rich plasma is often applied. However, evidence for its efficacy is scarce. ...

News item | 18-02-2019 | 17:23

Vaccination against meningococcal disease

Vaccination against meningococcal serogroups C and W is safe and effective. The effectiveness of  vaccination against serogroup B ...

News item | 19-12-2018 | 07:00