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The Health Council of the Netherlands reviewed the drug phenytoin. Phenytoin is a synthetic anticonvulsant, which can be used in ...

Advisory report | 27-06-2018

Health and working longer

The likelihood of health problems increases with age. Working longer may then be difficult. Measures like exercising at work or ...

Advisory report | 26-06-2018

Self-reliance of the elderly

More research is needed to determine which interventions are effective to keep the elderly self-reliant. Especially in the social ...

Advisory report | 13-06-2018

Population Screening Act: study of online lifestyle advice for reducing the risk of dementia

The University Medical Centre in Groningen (UMCG) would like to investigate strategies for offering online lifestyle advice that ...

Advisory report | 12-06-2018

The parent-child relationship and adverse childhood experiences

A good parent-child relationship is important for child development. Interventions can improve parental sensitivity and increase ...

Advisory report | 22-05-2018

Hazardous substances in a circular economy

In an ideal circular economy all materials and products are reused and production of waste is  zero. More recycling will take ...

Advisory report | 15-05-2018

Power lines and health part I: childhood cancer

Indications that the risk of getting childhood leukaemia is higher in children living near high voltage power lines than in other ...

Advisory report | 18-04-2018

Preventive use of HIV medication

In the Netherlands about 20.000 persons are infected with HIV. Although the number of new infections has gone down as a result of ...

Advisory report | 27-03-2018


People with ME/CFS are substantially limited in their functioning, for a longer period of time. Treatment cannot address the ...

Advisory report | 19-03-2018

Pneumococcal vaccination for older persons

Every year about 2,600 to 5,600 older persons are hospitalised with pneumococcal pneumonia and about 1,800 with invasive ...

Advisory report | 28-02-2018