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Health benefits through cleaner air

Air pollution strongly contributes to health effects and death. In the Netherlands, exposure to particulate matter alone results ...

Advisory report | 23-01-2018


The substance 1,2-dibromoethane is carcinogenic. People occupationally exposed by inhalation have an increased risk of cancer. ...

Advisory report | 01-12-2017

Fitness to drive with cardiovascular disease

Recently, the European regulations regarding  fitness to drive criteria were updated for cardiovascular diseases. The adjustments ...

Advisory report | 28-11-2017

2-(2-Methoxyethoxy)ethanol (DEGME)

The Health Council of the Netherlands reviewed 2-(2-methoxyethoxy)ethanol (DEGME). DEGME is primarily used as an intermediate or ...

Advisory report | 21-11-2017

Population Screening Act: research into calcium score and risk of cardiovascular disease

Based on the Population Screening Act (WBO), the research proposal of the Erasmus MC into the association between atherosclerosis ...

Advisory report | 14-11-2017

Population Screening Act: risk model studied during screening for colorectal cancer

The Committee on Population Screening of the Health Council of the Netherlands advises the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport ...

Advisory report | 31-10-2017

Health risks of night shift work

In the Netherlands about 1.3 million people sometimes or regularly work at night. Night shift work disrupts the day-night rhythm ...

Advisory report | 24-10-2017

Vaccination against rotavirus

Rotavirus infections cause thousands of hospitalisations a year amongst young children. Vaccination can prevent a large part of ...

Advisory report | 27-09-2017

Population Screening Act: the MoederVlekkenKliniek

The initiator of the MoederVlekkenKliniek (Mole Clinic) wishes to offer low-threshold screening for skin cancer to people with an ...

Advisory report | 23-08-2017

Physical activity guidelines 2017

Adults should be physically active at moderate intensity for at least two and a half hours every week and children at least one ...

Advisory report | 22-08-2017