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Population Screening Act: Training sonographers to perform a first-trimester anomaly scan

The first-trimester anomaly scan can detect congenital anomalies of the foetus. In preparation for the nation-wide scientific ...

Advisory report | 15-07-2020

Health and the energy transition in the built environment

In the Climate Agreement, the Dutch government set out the measures needed to transition fully from fossil fuels to renewable ...

Advisory report | 14-07-2020

Additional findings from NIPT

In the Netherlands, pregnant women who wish to receive prenatal screening for Down, Edwards and Patau syndrome (trisomy 21, 18 ...

Advisory report | 07-07-2020

Population Screening Act: The second round of The Maastricht Study

Maastricht UMC+ has applied for a permit to carry out follow-up measurements among participants of The Maastricht Study. The ...

Advisory report | 01-07-2020

Follow-up advisory report on crop protection and local residents

The results of studies carried out in other countries indicate the existence of a link between exposure to plant protection ...

Advisory report | 29-06-2020

Hydrogenated terphenyl

Hydrogenated terphenyl is used as a heat transfer fluid, as textile dye carriers, and as plasticizers. People who are ...

Advisory report | 15-06-2020

Comments on draft report Hydrogenated terphenyl

Other | 15-06-2020

Comments on draft report All-trans retinoic acid

Other | 10-06-2020

All-trans retinoic acid

All-trans retinoic acid is widely used in therapeutic creams for skin disorders. Other uses are the treatment of acute ...

Advisory report | 10-06-2020

Integrated care for people with physical and mental disorders

Co-occurrence of physical and mental disorders is the rule rather than the exception. These disorders can have reciprocal ...

Advisory report | 27-05-2020