Image: ©Mufid Majnu

Employee vaccination: flu

For most people, catching the flu is not serious, but it can be serious for people in high-risk groups. These people are offered vaccination against the flu through the National Influenza Prevention Programme (NPG). According to the Health Council, there are also certain groups of employees who should be offered vaccination against the flu by their employer.

Healthcare personnel who have direct contact with patients are at a greater risk of getting the flu. In addition, infected healthcare personnel can transfer the flu virus to patients. Vaccination of this group is recommended partly to protect the employees themselves, but mainly to protect vulnerable patients.

The Health Council also considers that employees who frequently have close contact with others in a confined space, such as in public transport, education and childcare settings, are eligible for flu vaccination. Such vaccination is mainly for their own protection, but in cases such as drivers who transport vulnerable persons, and barbers and hairdressers who work in nursing homes, vaccination is also for the protection of the people they are looking after.

There are also people who, due to the nature of their work, could be exposed to the flu virus itself, such as laboratory employees involved in vaccine production and employees in diagnostic laboratories. The Health Council recommends that this group also be offered flu vaccination for their own protection.