Image: ©COGEM

Biotechnology Trend Analysis 2023. A call for vision, decision and direction.

Developments in biotechnology are advancing at a breathtaking pace. The potential benefits are enormous: biotechnology can make a major contribution towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the EU and national goals for the circular economy, healthcare and the transition to sustainable food production. Biotechnology also facilitates significant advances in healthcare. However, these technological developments also raise legal, social, ethical and economic issues. Informed and balanced decisions on these and other issues must be made soon. At the moment, government initiatives are piecemeal and lack clear objectives. If we are to exploit the opportunities presented by biotechnology responsibly and accountably, we urgently need a long-term vision and direction. COGEM and the Health Council of the Netherlands call for a government-wide approach involving scientific institutions, societal stakeholders and the business community.