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Power lines and health part I: childhood cancer

Indications that the risk of getting childhood leukaemia is higher in children living near high voltage power lines than in other ...

Advisory report | 18-04-2018

Preventive use of HIV medication

In the Netherlands about 20.000 persons are infected with HIV. Although the number of new infections has gone down as a result of ...

Advisory report | 27-03-2018


People with ME/CFS are substantially limited in their functioning, for a longer period of time. Treatment cannot address the ...

Advisory report | 19-03-2018

Pneumococcal vaccination for older persons

Every year about 2,600 to 5,600 older persons are hospitalised with pneumococcal pneumonia and about 1,800 with invasive ...

Advisory report | 28-02-2018

Health risks associated with livestock farms follow-up advice

There has been growing concern for many years about the health risks of living near livestock farms. Studies show that residents ...

Advisory report | 14-02-2018

Proton therapy in children only hospital-based

From the perspective of quality of care, proton therapy in children should only be performed in a hospital-based setting. The ...

Advisory report | 13-02-2018

Health benefits through cleaner air

Air pollution strongly contributes to health effects and death. In the Netherlands, exposure to particulate matter alone results ...

Advisory report | 23-01-2018


The substance 1,2-dibromoethane is carcinogenic. People occupationally exposed by inhalation have an increased risk of cancer. ...

Advisory report | 01-12-2017

Fitness to drive with cardiovascular disease

Recently, the European regulations regarding  fitness to drive criteria were updated for cardiovascular diseases. The adjustments ...

Advisory report | 28-11-2017

2-(2-Methoxyethoxy)ethanol (DEGME)

The Health Council of the Netherlands reviewed 2-(2-methoxyethoxy)ethanol (DEGME). DEGME is primarily used as an intermediate or ...

Advisory report | 21-11-2017