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4,4-methylene bis_2-chloroanaline_MOCA

4,4’-Methylene bis (2-chloroaniline) is primarily used as a curing agent for polyurethane pre-polymers in the manufacture of ...

Advisory report | 07-12-2018

Population Screening Act: research into the relationship between sport and atherosclerosis

The University Medical Center Utrecht and the Radboud University Medical Center wish to carry out a research study into the ...

Advisory report | 03-12-2018

Di- and triisocyanates

Isocyanates are starting materials for polyurethane, which is used among others in varnishes, adhesives and polyurethane foam. ...

Advisory report | 28-11-2018

Population Screening Act: screening for prostate cancer

The Public Health department of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam intends to perform a population-based screening pilot for prostate ...

Advisory report | 27-11-2018

Work Programme 2019

Other | 18-09-2018

Dietary reference values for vitamins and minerals for adults

The Health Council has evaluated the dietary reference values, using the reference values published by the European Food Safety ...

Advisory report | 18-09-2018

Testing blood donations for hepatitis E virus

Annually, about 133.000 Dutch residents contract a hepatitis E virus infection. Pork consumption is the main source of infection, ...

Advisory report | 31-07-2018

Population Screening Act: study into hepatic steatosis and liver fibrosis in The Maastricht Study

The Maastricht is an ongoing observational, population-based cohort study that focuses on type diabetes mellitus, cardio-vascular ...

Advisory report | 31-07-2018

Population Screening Act: a stop-smoking strategy as part of the national cervical cancer screening programme

The department of General Practice of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam intends to examine the effect of a smoking ...

Advisory report | 25-07-2018

Fitness to drive in driving license group 2 in case of vision in only one eye

According to the European directive truck and bus drivers who have lost sight in one eye are not allowed to drive professionally ...

Advisory report | 03-07-2018