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Pyridine; Evaluation of the carcinogenicity and genotoxicity

Pyridine is used as a chemical intermediate in the production of amongst others pesticides, pharmaceuticals, textile water repellents, and flavours. Moreover, pyridine is amongst others used as a solvent for the production of paint, rubber, and resins.

At request of the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, the Subcommittee on Classifying carcinogenic substances of the Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Safety of the Health Council has evaluated the carcinogenic properties of pyridine and concludes that there is limited evidence for carcinogenicity. The Council therefore recommends classifying the substance as suspected to be carcinogenic to man, which corresponds with carcinogenic category 2 of the EU classification system.

In addition, the Committee has evaluated the mutagenic properties of pyridine and recommends not classifying pyridine as a germ cell mutagen, due to insufficient evidence.