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  1. Comments on draft report Tin and selected inorganic tin compounds and response Health Council

    Other | 08-11-2022

  2. Tin and selected inorganic tin compounds

    Tin is a metal that is primarily used in alloys. As such, tin is frequently used for electrical/electronic and general industrial ...

    Advisory report | 08-11-2022

  3. Meningococcal B vaccination: update

    Meningococcal B (MenB) is a very serious disease that can lead to meningitis and sepsis, and ultimately result in death. These ...

    Advisory report | 12-10-2022

  4. Assessment framework for donor blood screening

    Transfusion-transmitted infections can have serious consequences for the health of blood recipients, which is why donor blood is ...

    Advisory report | 15-09-2022

  5. Towards sustainable devices in healthcare

    The demand for care is growing, and with it the use of devices such as wound management supplies, gloves, surgical instruments ...

    Advisory report | 13-09-2022

  6. Review of the National Immunisation Programme schedule

    The National Immunisation Programme (RVP) was designed to provide protection from serious infectious diseases. This includes the ...

    Advisory report | 07-09-2022

  7. Change to HPV vaccine doses

    in the year they reach the age of ten. In 2023, a catch-up vaccination programme will start for young men and women (three ...

    Advisory report | 30-08-2022

  8. Dietary reference values for energy

    The Health Council of the Netherlands has revised the dietary reference values for energy, otherwise known as the reference ...

    Advisory report | 16-08-2022

  9. Opportunities for health benefits in environmental policy

    Health is in danger of becoming secondary to other goals within the environmental policy. The Health Council identifies ...

    Advisory report | 13-07-2022

  10. Skin cancer screening

    Due to the prevalence of skin cancer, the State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport requested that the Health Council of the ...

    Advisory report | 05-07-2022