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Dutch dietary guidelines for people with type 2 diabetes

In the Netherlands, more than one million people have type 2 diabetes. The Health Council investigated whether the Dutch dietary ...

Advisory report | 16-11-2021

Options for improving population screening for cervical cancer

Population screening for cervical cancer was renewed in 2017. Since then, smears have first been tested for the presence of human ...

Advisory report | 19-10-2021

Work programme 2022

Each year the Health Council of the Netherlands draws up a work programme containing an overview of the issues that will form the ...

Other | 21-09-2021

Influenza vaccination: review of indications

For most people, flu is not serious, but for the elderly and people with certain medical conditions, flu can lead to serious ...

Advisory report | 20-09-2021

Risks of ultrafine particles in the outside air

Ultrafine particles in the air outdoors consist of a mixture of particles smaller than 0.1 micrometres that are released during ...

Advisory report | 15-09-2021

Responsible use of apps for public health

Apps are increasingly being used for health purposes. If apps are to be used for public health purposes, for example in ...

Advisory report | 07-07-2021

Population Screening Act: a nationwide scientific study on the first-trimester anomaly scan – the IMITAS study

Like the 20-week anomaly scan, a 13-week anomaly scan can detect serious abnormalities that are usually described as being ...

Advisory report | 30-06-2021

Vaccination against rotavirus

Rotavirus is a pathogen that causes diarrhoea and vomiting. Young children are particularly susceptible to this intestinal ...

Advisory report | 30-06-2021

Dietary recommendations for pregnant women

During pregnancy, eating a high-quality diet deserves extra attention. A varied diet is linked to the intake of wide array of ...

Advisory report | 22-06-2021

Offer letter of two advisory reports on nutrition for pregnant women

Letter | 22-06-2021