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  1. The 14-day rule in the Dutch Embryo Act

    The Health Council of the Netherlands recommends that the 14-day rule for embryo research be extended to a 28-day rule. The Dutch ...

    Advisory report | 31-10-2023

  2. Work programme 2024

    Each year the Health Council of the Netherlands draws up a work programme containing an overview of the issues that will form the ...

    Other | 19-09-2023

  3. Comments on draft report Pyridine and response Health Council

    Other | 29-08-2023

  4. Pyridine; Evaluation of the carcinogenicity and genotoxicity

    Pyridine is used as a chemical intermediate in the production of amongst others pesticides, pharmaceuticals, textile water ...

    Advisory report | 29-08-2023

  5. Employee vaccination: tick-borne encephalitis

    People who are regularly bitten by ticks in the course of their work should be offered vaccination against tick-borne ...

    Advisory report | 24-08-2023

  6. Rubber dusts and rubber fumes

    Exposure in the manufacturing industry is considered to be carcinogenic. Since the composition of rubber dusts and rubber fumes ...

    Advisory report | 03-07-2023

  7. Routine vaccination programme against COVID-19

    Three years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a large proportion of the Dutch population has developed immunity through ...

    Advisory report | 28-06-2023

  8. Pneumococcal vaccination of children (2023)

    A pneumococcal infection can cause serious illness. Vaccination has been offered to children for some time. They are currently ...

    Advisory report | 20-06-2023

  9. Pneumococcal vaccination of the elderly (2023)

    A pneumococcal infection can cause serious illness. Vaccination has been offered to the elderly since 2020 with the ...

    Advisory report | 20-06-2023

  10. Guideline for the classification of carcinogenic substances

    The Health Council evaluates the mutagenicity and carcinogenicity of substances to which workers can be exposed in the workplace. ...

    Other | 19-06-2023