Committee on Ethics and Law

The Committee on Ethics and Law succeeds the Standing Committee on Health Ethics and Health Law, which was discharged in 2015. It issues solicited and unsolicited advisory reports on topics and developments in the field of health ethics and health law. In addition, and where necessary, it supports other Health Council committees when important ethical or legal problems arise. A number of Committee members represent the Health Council in the Centre for Ethics and Health (Centrum voor Ethiek en Gezondheid), a joint venture of the Health Council of the Netherlands and the Council for Health and Society.

The membership of the committee may differ from one advice to another. Because a permanent committee addresses more than one topic, potential conflicts of interests of committee members will be re-evaluated at the start of each advisory process. The composition of the Committee by advice can be found on the last page of the advisory report.


  • Prof. M.N.H. Schermer, physician, professor of philosophy of medicine and human enhancement, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, chairperson
  • A.C. de Die, lawyer, Verlink & De Die Lawyers, Amsterdam, vice chairperson
  • Dr. J.H.H.M. Dorscheidt, assistant professor of health law, University Medical Center Groningen and University of Groningen
  • Prof. G.A. den Hartogh, emeritus professor of ethics, University of Amsterdam
  • Prof. A.C. Hendriks, professor of health law, University of Leiden; health lawyer, Royal Dutch Medical Association, Utrecht
  • Prof. C. Leget, professor of care ethics; extraordinary professor of the ethics of palliative care, University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht
  • Dr. M.C. Ploem, assistant professor of health law, Amsterdam UMC
  • Dr. G.J.M.W. van Thiel, assistant professor of medical ethics, University Medical Center Utrecht


  • Dr. S.H.M. Litjens, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, The Hague

Scientific Secretaries:

  • Dr. R.E. van Hellemondt, Health Council, The Hague