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Risk is more than just a number

1995 saw the publication of ‘Not all risks are equal’. This report contained the comments of the Committee on ‘Risk measures and ...

Advisory report | 31-03-1996

Assessment of an integrated environmental exposure index

An integrated environmental exposure index (abbreviated in the English text IEI; the Dutch abbreviation is MBI for ...

Advisory report | 13-11-1995

Calculating cancer risk

Advisory report | 18-10-1995

Dyslexia - Definition and treatment

Since the end of the nineteenth century, dyslexia has been used as a term for certain severe reading and spelling problems. ...

Advisory report | 11-09-1995

Not all risk are equal - A commentary on 'Premises for Environmental Risk Management'

The policy document ‘Premises for risk management’ (OmR*) sent by the Netherlands Government to Parliament in 1989 as appendix to ...

Advisory report | 20-04-1995

Principles of radiation protection

Advisory report | 31-12-1994

Genetic Screening

The human genome project is a joint initiative on the part of the industrialised countries aimed at providing financial ...

Advisory report | 19-12-1994

Noise and Health

This report from the committee on Noise and Health of the Health Council of the Netherlands reviews the results of scientific ...

Advisory report | 15-09-1994

Optical radiation - Health based exposure limits for electromagnetic radiation in the wavelength range from 100 nanometer to 1 millimeter

Advisory report | 18-06-1993

Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields and health

The transmission, distribution and use of electricity for domestic and industrial purposes are inherently associated with the ...

Advisory report | 08-04-1992