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IVF-related research

With this report (the last in a series of three) the IVF Committee of the Health Council concludes its response to the request ...

Advisory report | 19-03-1998


Xenotransplantation is the transfer of organs from an animal of one species to an animal of another species (or to a human ...

Advisory report | 21-01-1998

Detection and treatment of people with hepatitis C

After the discovery of the hepatitis C virus (1989), it emerged that, in most cases, the resultant disease is the same as ‘non-A, ...

Advisory report | 05-11-1997

Assessing noise exposure for public health purposes

In this report, the ‘Uniform environmental noise exposure metric’ Committee of the Health Council of the Netherlands proposes a ...

Advisory report | 20-10-1997

Gene Therapy

This report from the Gene Therapy Committee of the Health Council of the Netherlands is published in response to the request from ...

Advisory report | 04-06-1997

Lead in drinking water

Advisory report | 28-04-1997

Hormone disruptors in humans

Advisory report | 10-04-1997

Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (300 Hz - 300 GHz)

People are increasingly being exposed to electromagnetic fields in the radiofrequency range, defined in the framework of this ...

Advisory report | 28-01-1997

Evaluation of the carcinogenicity of chemical substances

In 1978, the Health Council of the Netherlands recommended a method for evaluating the carcinogenic (cancer-inducing) properties ...

Advisory report | 18-12-1996

Bisphenol A and its Diglycidylether

Advisory report | 12-09-1996