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Copper sulphate: Evaluation of the effects on reproduction, recommendation for classification

On request of the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, the Health Council of the Netherlands evaluates the effects on the ...

Advisory report | 23-06-1999

Clinical genetic testing and counselling

The regulations on clinical genetic testing and counselling in the Netherlands apply to "postnatal and prenatal chromosome, ...

Advisory report | 27-05-1999

Adverse reactions to vaccinations in the national immunization programme 1996

At the request of the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, a Committee of the Health Council of the Netherlands analyses cases ...

Advisory report | 18-05-1999

Safety of amino acid supplementation

The addition of amino acids to food and dietary supplements is prohibited in the Netherlands, with the exception of a number of ...

Advisory report | 11-05-1999

Asbestos diseases: Asbestosis

Asbestos is a silicon-containing mineral that began to be produced on a large scale around 1870, with the increase in the use of ...

Advisory report | 29-03-1999

Laser pointers help up to the light - A risk assessment

For several years, small hand-held lasers have been available to the general public, incorporated into items such as pens, key ...

Advisory report | 24-02-1999

Reconsidering the policy on HIV testing

In this report, a Health Council Committee examines the question of whether the new possibilities for treating HIV infection have ...

Advisory report | 20-01-1999

HELLE; Health effects of low level exposures

Advisory report | 26-11-1998

Chromium and its inorganic compounds

Advisory report | 24-09-1998

DNA diagnostics

This advisory report, published at the request of the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, contains information on the current ...

Advisory report | 28-04-1998