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Effectiveness of physical therapy; electrotherapy, lasertherapy, ultrasound therapy

In the Netherlands, physiotherapists often use so-called physical therapy in the restricted sense – i.e. forms of treatment in ...

Advisory report | 14-12-1999

Screening for haemochromatosis

Primary haemochromatosis (PH) is now known to be more prevalent than was previously suspected. It is the most common autosomal ...

Advisory report | 07-12-1999

Transportation of irradiated nuclear fuel

Contamination of the outside of transport containers for irradiated nuclear fuel rods came to the public’s attention in 1998. ...

Advisory report | 02-12-1999

Reconsidering the policy on HIV testing

In this report, a Health Council Committee examines the question of whether the new possibilities for treating HIV infection have ...

Advisory report | 20-11-1999

Pediatric Heart Transplantation

The results of cardiac transplantation in young children with complex congenital heart disease not amenable to surgical ...

Advisory report | 18-11-1999

Management of the lumbosacral radicular syndrome (sciatica)

As part of the ongoing efficiency review of medical procedures and interventions (the ’126 list’), a Health Council Committee has ...

Advisory report | 16-11-1999

Health risks of silicone breast implants

The present advisory report, produced at the request of the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, has been drawn up by the ...

Advisory report | 26-10-1999

Day care for persons with profound multiple disabilities

This report, commissioned by the State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport, considers the value of day care for people with ...

Advisory report | 07-10-1999

Public health impact of large airports

Civil aviation represents a growing industry and most economists expect this growth to continue. It is developing into a truly ...

Advisory report | 02-09-1999

Ethylene thiourea: Health-based recommended occupational exposure limit

At the request of the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, the Health Council of the Netherlands recommends health-based ...

Advisory report | 30-08-1999