Verpleegkundige vaccineert man
Image: ©Unsplash

COVID-19 vaccination: Janssen vaccine

Janssen’s vaccine is efficacious in adults, older adults, and medical risk groups. The vaccine, which is administered as a single dose, offers 66% protection against disease and 85% protection against severe disease. It is also sufficiently safe – while adverse effects have been reported, these disappear within two days. The Council recommends that the vaccine be incorporated into the current vaccination strategy, which prioritises groups with the highest risk of severe morbidity and mortality from COVID-19. This primarily concerns older adults aged sixty and above. The Council recommends that the sequence of vaccination for this group should be from old to young. It has also focused on groups with specific medical conditions, such as individuals with Down syndrome, those with morbid obesity (severe overweight, a body mass index in excess of 40) and patients with neurological disorders that can lead to respiratory problems.