Image: ©Hollandse Hoogte

COVID-19 vaccination strategies

The first COVID-19 vaccines are expected to become available in the coming months. Initially there will be insufficient vaccines available to vaccinate everyone in the Netherlands. Various strategies can be used to determine who should be given priority. Given what is currently known about the vaccines, and based on the current number of infections, the Health Council of the Netherlands advises focusing on reducing severe morbidity and mortality. This implies prioritising people who run the highest risk, namely people over the age of 60 and people who already have specific serious health conditions. If these medical risk groups cannot themselves be vaccinated for medical reasons, informal carers and healthcare workers who risk infecting them, can be vaccinated. In addition to these groups, this strategy prioritises healthcare workers who have direct contact with patients since they run an increased risk of becoming infected.
This advice is based on the limited data which is currently available about the vaccines and the current number of infections. The Health Council is following developments closely and will issue new advice when necessary.