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  1. Research is needed to study an alternative to MRI screening in the population screening programme for breast cancer

    Research is needed to study an alternative to MRI screening to detect breast cancer in women with extremely dense breast tissue. ...

    News item | 06-10-2020 | 10:00

  2. More data needed about the role of tbc vaccine in the context of COVID-19

    To what extent BCG (the vaccine against tuberculosis) could play a role in combating COVID-19 is still unclear. The Health ...

    News item | 05-10-2020 | 10:00

  3. Chickenpox vaccinations on Bonaire, Sint-Eustatius and Saba

    The Health Council of the Netherlands recommends adding vaccination against chickenpox (varicella) to the National Immunization ...

    News item | 01-10-2020 | 10:00

  4. No bloodspot screening for untreatable conditions

    At this moment in time, the Health Council of the Netherlands does not recommend a nationwide programme for screening children in ...

    News item | 30-09-2020 | 10:00

  5. We need a broader view of the 45-minute standard for emergency care

    There are no medical scientific grounds to justify the standard that virtually every resident of the Netherlands must be able to ...

    News item | 22-09-2020 | 10:00

  6. No proof that 5G can be harmful; more research necessary

    It has not been demonstrated nor is it likely that exposure to 5G systems can be harmful, but from a scientific point of view ...

    News item | 02-09-2020 | 11:00

  7. Population Screening Act: Screening for Barrett’s oesophagus

    Radboudumc has applied for a permit to conduct a study into screening for Barrett’s oesophagus (a precursor to oesophageal ...

    News item | 31-08-2020 | 10:00

  8. Permit for first-trimester anomaly scan during sonographers’ training programme

    The regional centres for prenatal screening have developed a training programme for those sonographers who will be carrying out ...

    News item | 15-07-2020 | 10:00

  9. Enable healthier energy transition in the built environment

    One of the measures in the Climate Agreement involves modifying homes and other buildings to use renewable energy sources. These ...

    News item | 14-07-2020 | 10:00

  10. Conditional reporting of additional findings from NIPT

    Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) allows for the screening of chromosomal abnormalities beyond Down, Edwards and Patau ...

    News item | 07-07-2020 | 10:00