Draft advisory report for public review ‘Exposure during iron and steel founding'

The Subcommittee on the classification of carcinogenic substances of the Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Safety of the Health Council, evaluates the genotoxic and carcinogenic properties of substances to which workers can be exposed during their work. The evaluation is performed for the purpose of classifying substances as mutagenic in germ cells and/or as carcinogenic. In the present draft advisory report the subcommittee recommends a classification for exposure during iron and steel founding.

The president of the Health Council would like to give you the opportunity to comment on the draft report. The report is presented to the Working Conditions Committee of the Social Economic Council of the Netherlands, and to experts of employer’s organizations and trade unions. Also other interested parties or persons may comment. Comments may be sent before April 6, 2019 to: Mrs J.M. Rijnkels, PhD, (draftOSH@gr.nl), The Health Council of The Netherlands, Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Safety (DECOS) of the Health Council, PO Box 16052, 2500 BB, The Hague, The Netherlands. The comments will be taken into account in deciding on the final version of the document.

The final document will be presented to the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment.

All comments received and the response of the Committee will be publicly available on the Health Council’s website from the moment of presentation of the final report.

Preliminary draft for public review – Please do not cite or quote