The Health Council of the Netherlands has published a draft advisory report on the carcinogenic and genotoxic properties of 1-tert-butoxypropan-2-ol for public consultation. This draft was prepared by the Subcommittee on the Classification of carcinogenic substances of the Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Safety (DECOS) of the Health Council. It is part of a series of advisory reports containing hazard assessments. The Council aims to contribute to health and safety in the workplace through these reports.

The Health Council would like to give you the opportunity to comment on the draft report. The draft has been presented to the Working Conditions Committee of the Social Economic Council of the Netherlands, and to experts of employer’s organizations and trade unions. Other interested parties or persons are also invited to comment.

Comments may be submitted to David A. Dezentje (draftOSH@gr.nl), secretary, The Health Council of The Netherlands, Subcommittee on the Classification of carcinogenic substances. The comments will be taken into account when drafting the final version of the advisory report.

Comments may be submitted until August 13, 2021. Please follow the instructions for review 1-tert-butoxypropan-2-ol which you can find below.