Headerafbeelding bij het advies Fibromyalgie
Image: ©Unsplash


Fibromyalgia is an important health problem that needs to be recognised. This is the opinion set out by the Health Council in an advisory report drawn up at the request of the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Fibromyalgia is characterised by chronic pain throughout the body in combination with other physical, cognitive and/or emotional symptoms. Due to the potential severity of the symptoms and their impact on quality of life, the Health Council views fibromyalgia as an important health problem that needs to be recognised. Recognition means that the symptoms and their impact are taken seriously and that people with fibromyalgia are approached with an open and unprejudiced attitude, both in care practice and in the context of the work disability assessment. 

The causes of fibromyalgia and factors that influence its course are not fully understood. The current view in the scientific literature is that several biological, psychological and social factors play a role in the onset and persistence of the symptoms. 

It is important that all these factors are taken into account in diagnosis, management and treatment. The Health Council believes that this type of integrated approach, also known as a biopsychosocial approach, is essential to proper care – in general and therefore also for fibromyalgia.