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Immunisation against RSV in the first year of life

The Health Council recommends offering protection against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) to all children in their first year of life through the state vaccination programme in the short term. These children can become seriously ill from this cold virus. They can be protected against it by administering antibodies (passive immunisation). Medical risk groups are already offered this. Two new agents have recently been registered for non-risk groups. The State Secretary of Health, Welfare and Sport has asked the Health Council to advise on their possible use in the national vaccination programme.

One new agent is intended for the passive immunisation of children. The other new drug is a vaccine for women during pregnancy (maternal vaccination). Both agents are administered by injection. According to the Health Council, both new agents offer good protection and the health benefits outweigh the potential side effects. The Health Council prefers passive immunisation of children to maternal vaccination, as it can protect more children.