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Change to HPV vaccine doses

in the year they reach the age of ten. In 2023, a catch-up vaccination programme will start for young men and women (three doses). As requested by the State Secretary of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Health Council considered whether a reduction in the number of doses was possible. This review was prompted by advice from the English Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and the World Health Organisation. The Council has reviewed scientific data about the efficacy and effectiveness of one, two or three doses of vaccine. This has led it to conclude that two doses are sufficient for people aged 15 and older: the effect of 2 doses is sufficiently strong and conclusive for it to be possible to limit vaccination to this number of doses. Where children under the age of 15 are concerned, the Board advises that 2 doses continue to be given. The results of research into the effect of one dose are still too uncertain at the current time. The Council advises that the vaccination schedule could perhaps be reviewed again when the results of current research on one dose become available.