Image: ©Hu Chen

Employee vaccination: rotavirus

In June 2021, the Health Council recommended that all children be vaccinated against rotavirus. Following that recommendation, the Council assessed whether vaccination against rotavirus should be recommended for employees to protect themselves or others, such as vulnerable groups with whom they may come into contact. Rotavirus vaccines are only registered for use in very young children, so giving them to employees would be considered off-label use.
Employees in settings such as child care, special education and health care have a higher risk of exposure to rotavirus. However, rotavirus infections generally are not a significant health problem for adults, and employees do not have a higher risk than the general population of becoming seriously ill. Consequently, there is no reason to vaccinate employees for their own protection. Because it is likely that adults could still become infected after vaccination and transmit rotavirus – as is also the case after a natural infection – the Health Council also sees no reason to vaccinate employees to protect others.