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Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a plasticizer, and is used amongst others in plastic bottles. Bisphenol A is classified as a reproduction toxicant (Repro. Cat. 1B). In addition, exposure to bisphenol A can lead to damage of the eyes, allergic reactions of the skin and irritation of the respiratory tract. In the EU, there are restrictions in the use of bisphenol A. For occupational exposure, the current limit value is 2 milligram (mg) bisfenol A per cubic metre (m3) air. Based on the available evidence, the Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Safety (DECOS) derives a health-based advisory value of 3.3 mg/m3, for the inhalable fraction. The Committee is of the opinion that a skin notation is not indicated, as absorption through the skin insufficiently contributes to the internal exposure.