Standing Committee on Public Health

The remit of the Standing Committee on Public HealthCommunity Healthcare focuses is to advise on topics with respect to the state of health of the population as a whole or of groups within the population. It mainly focuses on the striking variations that still exist in disease and mortality rates with respect to place, time and socioeconomic status. Influencing people’s living and working environment opens up opportunities to protect and improve their public health. In this respect, the Standing Committee looks at the physical, social, economic and, cultural and administrative aspects of people’s lives. It also pays attention to the wide area of disease prevention. This concerns measures aimed at preventing specific diseases and disabilities or at early detection of them. Screening and vaccinations are important examples.


  • Prof. J.M. Geleijnse, Vice President, Health Council of the Netherlands, The Hague, chairperson
  • Prof. K. Stronks, Professor of Public Health, Amsterdam UMC, vice chairperson
  • E.M.M. Adang, Associate Professor of Health Economics, Radboudumc Nijmegen
  • Prof. P.A. van den Brandt, Professor of Epidemiology, Maastricht University
  • Prof. B. Brunekreef, Professor of Environmental Epidemiology, Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences/ Universiteit Utrecht
  • Prof. M.C. Cornel, Professor of Community Genetics and Public Health Genomics, Amsterdam UMC
  • Prof. F. van Dijk, Emeritus Professor of Health Science – Occupational Medicine, Amsterdam UMC
  • Prof. H.F.L. Garretsen, Professor of Healthcare Policy, Tilburg University
  • Prof. E. Kampman, Professor of Nutrition and Cancer, Wageningen University and Research Centre
  • R. Meertens, Associate Professor of Risk Communication, Maastricht University
  • Prof. S.A. Reijneveld, Professor of Community and Occupational Medicine, UMC Groningen
  • Prof. D. Ruwaard, Professor of Healthcare and Public Health, Maastricht University
  • Prof. F.J. van Schooten, Professor of Toxicology and Risk Assessment, Maastricht University
  • Prof. S. van de Vathorst, associate professor of healthcare ethics, Erasmus MC Rotterdam; Professor by Special Appointment of Quality in the Final Phase of Life and of Dying, UvA Amsterdam
  • E. van Vliet-Lachotzki, MD, Policy Advisor on Genetic problems VSOP (Association of Cooperating Parent and Patient Organisations), Soest
  • Prof. T. van Yperen, Expert /Programme Coordinator Effective Youthcare, Netherlands Youth Institute, Utrecht and Professor by Special Appointment of Monitoring and Innovation of Youth Care, University of Groningen
  • A.E.M. de Hollander, Senior Scientific Researcher, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, The Hague, structurally consulted expert
  • Prof. Th.J.M. Verheij, Professor of General Practice, UMC Utrecht, structurally consulted expert

Scientific Secretary

  • H.F.G. van Dijk, Health Council of the Netherlands, The Hague