Presidium Committee

The Presidium Committee acts as a sounding board and think tank for strategic issues and the general running of the Health Council. It is consulted when the annual Work Programme is being drawn up, when periodic evaluations or audits are performed, and when working agreements with other institutions are considered. In addition, the Presidium Committee is involved in the selection procedure for a new (Vice) President or in the reappointment of the current President (in his absence).

The Presidium Committee consists of the Council’s  President and Vice President, the  (Vice) Chairpersons of both Standing Committees and the Chairpersons of the Permanent Committees. The Executive Director acts as the Committee’s secretary.

The committee


  • Prof. B.J. Kullberg, President of the Health Council of the Netherlands, chairperson
  • Prof. J.M. Geleijnse, Vice President of the Health Council of the Netherlands, vice chairperson
  • Prof. I.D. de Beaufort, chairperson Permanent Committee on Preconception, prenatal and neonatal screening
  • Prof. O.M. Dekkers PhD, chairperson Permanent Committee on Population Screening
  • Prof. H. Kromhout, chairperson Permanent Committee on Electromagnetic Fields (EMV)
  • Prof. R.C. van der Mast, chairperson Permanent Committee on Fitness to drive
  • Prof. J.G. Nijhuis, chairperson Standing Committee
  • Prof. F.G.M. Russel, chairperson Permanent Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Safety (DECOS)
  • Prof. M.H.N. Schermer, chairperson Permanent Committee on Public Health
  • Prof. S. van de Vathorst, chairperson Standing Committee
  • Prof. M. Visser, chairperson Permanent Committee on Nutrition
  • Prof. G.A. Zielhuis, vice chairperson Permanent Committee on Vaccination


  • Mr. M. Stupar, Executive director of the Health Council of the Netherlands