Vice President Prof. J.M. Geleijnse

Marianne Geleijnse was appointed Vice President of the Health Council of the Netherlands from 1 January 2018

Marianne Geleijnse
Image: ©Gezondheidsraad / Jeroen van der Meyde

Marianne studied biomedical sciences in Leyden and did a master in epidemiology in Rotterdam. She did a PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam on research into sodium, potassium and blood pressure. Since 1999 she works at the department of Human Nutrition at Wageningen University, since 2015 as professor in nutrition and cardiovascular disease.

As a member of the permanent Committee on Nutrition and the former Standing Committee on Nutrition she was involved in the making of the Dutch dietary guidelines 2015. In 2014 she became a member of the Health Council of the Netherlands.

Main positions

  • Vice President of the Health Council of the Netherlands
  • Professor in nutrition and cardiovascular disease, Wageningen University

Other positions

  • Senior scientist, TI Food and Nutrition, Wageningen (programme manager in the field of sustainable, healthy nutrition; payment to Wageningen University)
  • Chair of the Committee on Supervision and Evaluation Epidemiology (unpaid)
  • Member Dutch Epidemiology Association (unpaid)
  • Member Dutch Academy of Nutritional Sciences (unpaid)


  • Member ‘Grant review panel’, Research Council for Health, Academy of Finland(assessing subsidy applications of Finnish researchers, unpaid)
  • Member World Action on Salt and Health, an international network promoting the reduction of salt in food, unpaid)

Funded research

  • Epidemiological research into fatty acids in food in relation to cardiometabolic diseases (sponsor: Unilever)
  • SHARP-BASIC project: a public private partnership in the field of sustainable, healthy nutrition (sponsor: TI Food and Nutrition, Wageningen)
  • SUSFANS project: Metrics, Models and Foresight for European Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security (sponsor: EU H2020 programme).